Why you must go electric before its too late!

When it comes to electric vehicle charging points there are many different views surrounding the environment and cost, this is partly due to the current media. Everyday more electric vehicles are being designed, tested and announced from all of the vehicle brands such as Ford, Jaguar, Audi ect.

The fact is that the UK is lacking the infrastructure for every person to start driving electric vehicles. We are trying our best to spread the message about the importance of electric vehicle chargers, but why does everyone have to go electric?

The United Kingdom has announced a new ban on all new petrol and diesel car sales by 2035, this means that you will no longer be able to purchase new petrol and diesel cars because by law they will not be produced.

This new upcoming law has given vehicle manufacturers around 10-15 years to prepare for the age of electric vehicles, you may already know but some companies like Jaguar and Ford will be stopping their production of petrol and diesel cars as early as 2025 while they focus entirely on electric vehicles.

So it's time to get a home charger installed!

If you make the switch to electric vehicles like the rest of the country in the next decade then you should consider a home charger, the benefits of a home charger are endless compared to using a public charger.

  • Fully app controlled directly to your devices

  • Cable lock system for maximum security

  • Dynamic load management

  • Five years warranty that covers any technical issues

  • Solar panel compatible for even more eco friendly power

  • Charge your vehicle while you sleep

  • Set timers, and schedule your vehicle charges

Want to save £350? Act now

You read that correct, anybody that invests in an electric vehicle charger early will save £350 of the price thanks to the OZEV grant. The grant is handled by the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles and provided you meet the requirements you will be able to save yourself a large amount of money. This grant is not permanent however and changes every few months as the grant gives less and less money back until it will eventually be discontinued, so there is no better time to make that investment into the future of EV chargers.

Affordable electric vehicles?

The UK will be unable to move into this new infrastructure if all the vehicles are extremely expensive and priced too high for the majority of drivers, fear not as the biggest electric vehicle manufacturers have announced affordable electric vehicles as early as 2021 and they will continue to make electric vehicles cheaper as technology advances.

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