How it works

How does my electric car work?

There are 3 main types of ev charge points – Rapid, fast and slow. These represent the power outputs, and therefore charging speeds available to charge an electric vehicle. Note that power is measured in Kilowatts (KW).

What is a rapid car charger?

Rapid electric car chargers: These are the fastest EV chargers, and predominantly cover DC charging. This can be split into two categories: ultra-rapid and rapid. Ultra-rapid points can charge at 100+ KW often 150 KW and up to 350 KW and are only DC. Conventional rapid points make up the majority of the UK’s rapid charging infrastructure and charge at 50KW DC with 43 KW AC rapid charging also often available.

What is a fast EV charger?

Fast EV car chargers: These include those which provide power from 7 KW to 22KW, which typically fully charge an electric vehicle ev in 3-4 hours. The most common public ev charging point in the UK is a 7KW untethered type 2 inlet, though tethered connectors are available to both Type 1 and type 2.

How long will it take for my EV to charge?

  • Amp Socket 6-8 Hours

  • Fast Charging station upto 22kw output 1-4 hours

  • Rapid Charging station 50kw output 20-30mins

How much will it cost to charge my car?

Electric driving costs

  • Per mile: £0.06

  • Per month: £39.10

  • Per year: £468.60

What is a slow car charger?

Slow car chargers: 

(up to 3KW) these are best used for overnight charging and usually take between 6 – 12 hours for a pure-ev, or 2-4 hours for a PHEV. EV’s charge on slow devices using a cable that connects the vehicle to a 3-pin or Type 2 socket

What can effect car charging times?


Charging times vary depending on the current level of battery charge, the battery capacity, the charging station’s capacity and settings, as well as the capacity of your charging station energy source (e.g. home or an office building).