ZAP Franchise Opportunity

Your New Business Is Weeks Away

Zap Vehicle Charging is a fast growing, fast paced and very exciting industry to get in.  In the next few years this industry is about to BOOM, and you could be a part of it.

Here at Zap Vehicle Charging, we have the answer. We have a solution that allows you to be your own boss. Our franchisees have an average of 200+ business enquiries per month and is growing from month to month.

This Franchise opportunity can be implemented and ran on top of your existing business, We will supply you with all the branding and training you will need.  Being apart of the ZAP family You will have fully OZEV authorisation for both Home and workplace charger installations and access to our Electrical engineers and sub-contactors.  You will also benefit from the relationships that we have with our suppliers and therefore get the very best supply and commercials available. You will literally have everything you need to start your Electric Vehicle Charging point business and hit the ground running with Zap Vehicle Charging.


The franchise offer starts from just £29,995 + VAT.  (prices can vary to suit your needs / land opportunity.


All our chargers are Future proof and all come with a control APP and if wanting public charging we can supply the Back House systems so you can control your own pricing and your own destiny.

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