Fully Compatible With All EV Brands

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Who are Zap Vehicle Charging?

We are Zap Vehicle Charging and our mission is to drive Zap and its range of Electric Vehicle chargers to being the most advanced smart solution for all customers, resellers or manufacturers. With leading technology and exceptional services, ZAP aims to be the preferred choice in the UK and Europe.

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This is our most impressive and highest rated charger, thanks to the lack of an earth spike and a sleek design this charger remains the king of all electric vehicle chargers.

£699 With OZEV Grant

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Attract and retain talent

Workplaces/commercial properties

  • Increase Productivity

  • Reach sustainability goals

  • Provide valued benefit

  • Increase property value

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Retail and hospitality

Increase Sales

  • Attract new loyal customers

  • Increase the time spent in your business and establishments

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Parking Facilities

Attract new customers

  • Drive revenue

  • provide differentiating facilities

  • Connected and convenient

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Lower cost of transportation


  • lower fuel costs

  • reach sustainability goals

  • turn-key solutions for depo, public and workspace charging

  • integrated management and tracking

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All of our chargers offer

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Compact Design
Attractive appearance, A4 print paper size, simple but elegant.
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Full Protection
Full electrical protection, over/under temperature protection, etc.
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European Standard
CCPP v1.6 open charge point protocol. IEC 62196 type II connector.
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Smart Learning
Intelligent power adjustment, emergency stop, Wifi/APP/ethernet monitoring.


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